Rendered Products

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these unique qualities of our feed ingredients make them very safe and indispensable ingredients in the manufacture of high quality compound feeds for poultry. Uniform drying at high temperatures helps to maintain low moisture in MBM which not only ensures the commercial sterility and poultry pathogens control but also eliminates the contamination risk of dangerous Mycotoxins / Aflatoxins of fungal origin.
This can partially replace soya doc for proteins and completely replace DCP for phosphorus.



Low in free fatty acid content below 2%. Due to its higher saturated fatty acid content in the triglyceride structure, it is significantly more stable to oxidative rancidity. Hence, can safely be incorporated upto a level of 3-4% in the poultry feeds. It is an immensely useful feed ingredient in summer for poultry when one needs to provide ready source of energy through fats to avoid heat stress and subsequent mortality in the birds. It also useful to overcome the issues of ascites in birds especially in winter season. 

Apart from Animal Feed Industry, the Animal Fat has many more applications. Due to its better saponification value (more than 195) it is used in laundry soap manufacturing. Also it is used in textile, biodiesel and lubricant industry.